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on vacation是正在度假的意思 比方说Mr Smith is on vacation就是史密斯先生正在度假 for vacation是指为了度假这个目的 的意思 比方说What did you do for vacation?I did all my homework.

A good vacation can help people relax from the intensive world.

on vacation_百度翻译 on vacation 英[n vkein] 美[n veken] [词典] 在度假中; [例句]We went on vacation to Puerto Rico.进行更多翻译on vacation_百度翻译 on vacation 英[n vkein] 美[n veken] [词典] 在度假中; [例句]We went on vacation to Puerto Rico.进行更多翻译

The Spring Festival is a significant holiday in China.在中国春节是一个意义重大的假期.

My Summer VacationThe summer vacation had come round again. I was happy that I could forget about school at least for a while. Lest I fool around all through this summer vacation, I made a plan as to how to spend it. First, I thought I should go over

1. 我算是放了暑假了,但却未能真正休息.I had a kind of/sort of holiday in the summer but I couldn't really relax.2. 这些大学生在计划着怎样过暑假.The students are planning how to spend their summer vacation.3. 许多学生在暑假期间找些临时工

He is on vacation now and you can contact him by his mobile phone.

同学,这段文字中的句子都是经典,你就看着用吧These days I felt so free. I can do the things that I like. I can get up till the sun has already rose very high in the sky and don't need to worry about being late for school. I can go shopping day after

I had a good winter vacation.On vacaton,I went to the Hainan.Hainan was spring.It was so beauitful.I went swimming whit my parents.The beaches were so wonderful! I loved themI spent all time in there.I had a great vacation.I really want to visit

At the beginning of this holiday I made a time table for myself . 假期的开始我就做了一份时间表. I insist to get up at 8:00 every morning . 我坚持每天8点钟起床. Morning is the best time to study , so I read English and chinese paper every morning .

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