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thAnks All语法错了吗

没错 all 指代事情 这是一个结构 没涉及语法哦 (Thank sb for sth ) ,不懂可以问 ,望采纳 :)

没有错误thanks for all of you谢谢你们所有人Thanks so much for you all coming. 感谢所有人都到来.

有错误.应该改成 Thanks all and I wish that could be done completely as soon as possible.解析:Wish后面可以接宾语从句,也有一种用法是wish to do sth. 在这里用宾语从句更适合,你那种写法有语法错误

Thank all of you for my birthday.

没错,而且是地道的说法.意思为 谢谢你们所做的贡献/努力/帮助没错,而且是地道的说法.意思为 谢谢你们所做的贡献/努力/帮助


有, 把supporting改成support, 因为这里要用名词.

可以说: no thank you.例句:'Would you like a cigarette?' 'No thank you.' “要来支烟吗?”“不了,谢谢.” 《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》若是没有you,那就是no thanks.例句:No thanks. I think I've had enough. 不,谢谢.我想我已经够了.

Thank you for coming .. Everyone .. thanks .. This is good enough as you are doing presentation, aren't you so ..make it simple. Sorry .. no offense ..FOR THIS : Thank you to listen to my introduction.Should be : Thank you for attending my

1.Thank you for 中的thank 是动词.而thanks for中的thank 是名词.所Thank for your help 不正确.应说“Thank you for your help ".2.Thanks to 的意思是“由于,幸亏”.如:(1.)Thanks to these donations, the poorest of the poor are receiving

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