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supposed应该; 认为; 假想的supposed应该; 认为; 假想的supposed应该; 认为; 假想的

adj 假设的;想像上的;假定的. a supposed case 一个假设的情况.也可能是suppose的过去式或分词 suppose 及物动词 1.设想,推测;猜想某事[某人]如何 (to do to be).2.假定〔证题时用语,和 given, provided 通用〕.3.意味着;必须先

be supposed to 的用法 用法一: be supposed to 其中to是动词不定式符号,不是介词,其后要跟动词原形.当be supposed to 的主语是“人” 时,意为“应该…… ”;“被期望……”,它可以用来表示劝告、建议、义务、责任等,相当于情

Be supposed to do sth. 表示应该做某事与should 意思差不多


可以翻译成:应该,本因这样例句: You hoped how you double do rest Japan to be supposed to pass? 你希望你的双休日应该怎样度过?.

suppose [s'puz]基本翻译v.(动词)sup.posed,, sup.pos.esconj. 假使结果会怎样vt. (及物动词)假设;认为;让(虚拟语气);推想To assume to be true or real for the sake of argument or explanation:假定:为了争论或解释的

suppose指的是期待,其他人等待你要账单并且付款, be supposed to do 被期许做某事

英音:[s'puzd]美音:[s'pozd] 谐音:涩剖子的 形容词 a. 1. 假定的;想像上的;被信以为真的[B]a supposed case 假设情况 1. 想象上的,被信以为真的英语广播词汇(3)-新闻政治-词汇中心-Vsupposed adj.想象上的,被信以为真的参考资料 :

be supposed to不得 be supposed to do 不应当 should be supposed to更委婉 例句:It would be absurd that, while in estimating all other things quality is considered as well as quantity, the estimation of pleasure should be supposed to depend on quantity alone.在评价其他所有事物时一并考虑质量和数量,而评价快乐时却只依赖数量,这样的做法将会是荒诞的.

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