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result in 是导致一种结果的意思,,,,这样的句子前面表原因,后面表示结果 result from是表示由于什么什么的意思,这样的句子,前果后因你说的result of 应该是什么什么的结果.

result from的意思是由产生 通过这个例句我们就可以很清楚的明白result from的用法. Success results from hard work. 成功来自于努力工作. result from的英文意思是:be the effect of sth. result from的另外一个意思是由…引起 His illness resulted from bad food. 他的病是由于吃了变质的食物引起的

result of 结果result for 由于

as a result of译为作为**的结果..例:as a result of headache, he can not go to school today. 由于头疼(引起了后面的结果),他今天不能上学了result for导致了 the lack of sleep result for he's headache. 缺乏睡眠导致了他的头疼

as a result 作为状语来用as a result of + 名词As a result , we failed the game. 结果我们输了那场比赛.as a result of the accident 事故的结果

其实意思区别很小. the result of 在文中的意思是"的结果是" here are the results of the student activity survey意思是"一项学生活动调查的结果如下." the result for在文中的意思是"(选择)的结果" the results for "watch tv" are interesting意思是" "看电视"这一项的结果十分有趣. " 区别应该是其中包含了一种由somebody主动去做something而导致了这个result的意味,强调了这个result是watch tv而引发的.

result from= be caused by由…产生的/导致的/引起的,是谓语动词词组;as a result of是介词短语,作状语,表达结果.the mistake resulted from his carelessness.= the mistake was caused by his carelessness.= as a result of his carelessness, he made the mistake.

as a result of 由于的意思He was late as a result of the snow.由于大雪他迟到了result from 结果来自、由引起if something results from something else,it is caused by it例句:We are still dealing with problems resulting from errors made in the past.没什么明显区别啊

as a result of为短语介词,后跟名词、代词等,意为“由于…的原因”相当于because of;as a result为副词用法,意为“结果是”,后面指事情的结果,如: The train was delayed as the (a) result of the heavy rain. 由于大雨的缘故主,火车晚点了. He got up very late today. As a result, he missed the first bus. 他今天起晚了,结果没赶上头班车.

1,result from 由于;由…造成;因…而产生: 例句: Her blindness of both eyes resulted from a traffic accident. 她的双目失明是由于一次交通事故造成的. 2,the result for 的意思是the results for "watch tv" are interesting意思是" "看电视"这

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