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这是习惯,固定搭配,就跟大雨是rain cats and dogs 一样.out of the blue 英[aut v blu:] 美[at v i blu] [释义] 出其不意,出乎意料; [网络] 晴天霹雳; 晴天霹雳地; 出乎意料的; [例句]Funny you should ask. yesterday, from out of the blue, I got a letter from him.你问的还真巧.我昨天出乎意料地收到了他的来信.


out of the blue 意为"从天而降,突如其来".at the last minute smith came out of the blue to catch the pass and score a touchdown.临终场时,史密斯出人意料地跑过来抢到了球而且底线得分.

意思是“出乎意料,突然”,也可以说out of a clear (blue) sky.这个短语的含义比较微妙,最好结合例句学习,找本大词典查一查.

out of the blue un.难得到的;冷不防;突如其来;出人意料 突然;出乎意料;突然地 例句1.i got a call from my old classmate out of the blue.我突然接到一个老同学的电话.2.unforgettable! out of the blue, we met an old friend at the airport.难忘啊!

是歌啦! OUT OF THE BLUE 走出蓝色的犹豫、沮丧 I was almost about to lose my faith Was still dreaming but feared it was too late 我几乎失去了我对爱的信念,依然幻想却害怕太晚了. But then you came along to my surprise and stole my


baidu, yes I willCause I'm missing youSo I light a candle for you babyFor usFor me and youLalalala.;s hard to think that we're done;s what I did when youWhen you left me (When you left me out of the blue)It's funny how love feels good and then (

歌曲名:out of the blue歌手:julian casablancas专辑:phrazes for the youngjulians casablancas - out of the bluesomewhere along the way, my hopefulness turned to sadness,somewhere along the way, my sadness turned to bitterness,somewhere

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