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我不知道你想提问的到底是哪种only+状语 的时候部分倒装 ,only by doing,only when后的句子可以用倒装句eg Only on sundays do I get up late然后其他的都是only if句式 not only .but also句式了(真情手打,求采纳)

强调形式 1.It be …that..句型不能强调谓语部分,若要强调谓语,则须在谓语动词原形前面加上助动词do,did,does I really like you ,and I do hope everyone has a promising future. 2.用副词强调 really,still,even It was hot yesterday,but it is even hotter

only 的用法 .only位于句首修饰壮语要倒装 只有倒那时我才将会有机会实现我的梦想. will 是谓语的一部分因倒装提前了.再如 only in this way can you learn english well 是only引起的倒装句,will 是助动词,如果这个句子正过来说就是 I will have a

only 引导副词或副词短语放在句首,要倒装,用助动词或情态动词居多.Only in this way can you solve this problem.Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.Only by practicing a few hours every day will you be able to master the language.

需要加doonly + 状语放在句首,要部分倒装.Only on such a trip can you learn so much about European artists.(介词短语)Only by this means is it possible to explain it.(介词短语)Only then did I realize the


答案没错,only放句首的部分倒装是针对主句谓语动词的,而不是从句谓语动词.在本句中谓语动词已经体现部分倒装will you get, you come在时间状语从句中不用倒装.

当“only+状语”位于句首时,其后习惯上要用部分倒装.其中,only后的状语可以是副词、介词短语、从句等.例如:Only in this way can we learn English. 只有这样才能学会英语.Only then did I understand what she meant. 只有到那时我才明

这不是倒装题.选Bonly 引导倒装句时,后面往往要跟介词短语.比如:Only in this way can you do that.Only after dinner can I watch TV.Only on the road will I ride my bike.明白了吗?满意请采纳.祝学习进步.

only引导状语,置于句首,句子部分倒装Only at that time did I start to recognise the importance of learning English.

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