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get out of hand英[et aut v hnd]美[t at v hnd]不可收拾;失去控制;难于控制[例句]Lemon also discussed what can happen when normally well-behaved members of our microbial community get out of hand.莱蒙还讨论了我们微生物群落中通常表现良好的成员,为什么会发生失控.

你好很高兴回答你的问题1 We mustn't permit the situation to get out of hand.我们不能让局势发展到失去控制.2Make sure that you have covered yourself legally and try not to let your temper get out of hand.确保自己的行为合法正当,尽可能别让情


是 get out 吧..出去的意思.你用拼音念法这样念, ge dao

get out of hand 失控,无法控制 You have let your hair get out of hand 你让你的头发失控了.就是说 你的头发比较乱,比较蓬松,或是较长较多,以至于无法控制.即=your hair is unkempt or way too long and heavy.还有问题可以问我~~


out of hand 无法控制We must deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.我们应在局面变得无法控制前找出对策.立即His application was rejected out of hand.他的申请立即遭到拒绝.终于Her wish to be a doctor has come true out of hand.她想做一个医生的愿望终于实现了.

get out v.出去, 离开, 逃脱, 泄露, 摆脱, 弄出来, 说出, 出版

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get out of 走出去 双语例句1 Get out of my office!从我办公室里出去!2 Help us get out of this war.帮助我们离开这一场战争.

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