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不能用被动语态 bring up 抚养 has brought up

教育,培养 v. 养育 看例句,意思都全拉1. These are matters that you can bring up in committee. 这些问题你可在委员会中提出. 2. Her parents died when she was a baby and she was brought up by her aunt. 她出生后不久父母双亡,是由姑母抚

bring up教育,培养,使成长bring to使恢复知觉bring up教育,培养,使成长build up积累;堵塞;树立,逐步建立;增进;锻炼

bring up 1.raise from childhood;educate 抚育;教育*We must train and bring up millions of successors to out revolutionary cause.我们必须培养和造就千百万革命事业的接班人.*That child is very badly brought up.那孩子的教养很差.*His father

1、教育,养育bring up a child 2、呕吐 bring up one's dinner3. 引述 he brings up these facts against you. 4.调到前线 we need to bring up more tanks. 5.审讯 6.使突然停止

答案如下:1抚养,养育;培养,教育,(尤指在举止风度方面)教养;使成长:My parents brought me up to respect others.我父母教育我要尊重他人.The teachers brougth

bring up1. 抚养 2. 教导;教育 3. 在长大 4. 提起;提出来 5. 呕吐 例句与用法:1.Mary brought up her son on her own.玛丽独自养育自己的儿子.2.These are matters that you can bring up in committee.这些问题你可在委员会中提出.3.Martin has been bringing up all morning.马丁整个早上都在呕吐.

硬件术语bring up的意思是“使启动、调试、唤醒、让跑起来”.硬件术语bring up:1、bring up作为计算机专业术语的解释如下:cause to load(an operating system) and start the initial processes.因此它的意思是“使启动、调试、唤

bring up people 和 bring people up 都是对的(但如果是代词就只能是“bring+ prep+up”)

bring sb up养育某人,bring sth up呕吐 提出,add up合理,add sth up加起来,keep sth up不让某物下跌 使维持在高水平 继续做,take sth up开始爱好 ,take upsth使用占用

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