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我们班有个男生叫张艺兴.兴兴是张艺兴的小名.我们老师有个叫张艺兴的.我今天出门碰到了张艺兴.张艺兴是我们班的班长.张艺兴是我们的班草.张艺兴是一个帅气的男生.张艺兴长得很帅. pleased with I am very(much) pleased with what he has done.我对他的工作很满意. pleased with sb The teacher is pleased with you . 老师对你很满意. pleased with /about/at sth He was much pleased with /about/at the news.他听了这消

be pleased with 对……感到满意 My mother was pleased with my grades.我妈妈对我的成绩感到满意.

是be pleased with吧.I'm pleased with his help in time.

一.be late for 隐藏摘要1.迟到 be interested in 对……感兴趣be late for 迟到be like 像……2.因…而迟到 be covered with 用… 履盖be late for 因…而迟到be pleased with 对…感到满意3.做…迟到 Be good at something \ doing 善于be late for

be satisfied with be pleased with 都有满意高兴之意,with为介词,后面跟宾语,sth或doing sth

she is pleased with the party


1.它不是个句子.seated是个过去分词,是不能单独做谓语的.要与be连用,才可以做谓语,原来的结构才是一个句子.2.think sb/sth to be .是个固定的短语,“当某人或某物是.”3.like是个介词,后面是不能跟句子,而要跟名词或代词或动名词结构,如his doing 是连词,后面要跟句子.

1.I like to chat with my friends.我喜欢和我的朋友聊天I want to chit with you.我想和你聊聊2.My teacher is patient with us very much.我的老师对我们很有耐心Please be patient with your children.请对你的孩子耐心一些希望能帮助到您O(∩_∩)O~

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