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BE glAD to造句

太多了啊,be glad to do 很乐意做某事 i am very glad to see my teachers and classmates 我见到我的同学很高兴.we will be glad to attend.我们很乐意去参加.i'll be glad to show you everything.我将很乐意向你们展示一切.

Today's party I be glad to 采纳!

Rooster: I'll be glad to show you 公鸡:我很高兴带你去…… 2.If you couldn't find your favorite photographer in the list I'd be glad to hear about them inthe comments below. 如果你没能在这个清单上面找到你心仪摄影师的话,我很乐意在下面的评

I'm very glad to meet you.

i will be glad to work with you

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We would be glad to start business with you I am calling about the party. We would be glad to go

we are glad to see you here again.我们很高兴可以在这里再次见到你

I'll be glad to show you everything我将很乐意向你们展示一切.I was so badly behaved I was convinced she would be glad to see the back of me. 我的表现如此差劲,相信她会很高兴看到我离开.

be glad 是一个系表结构,表示为某事感到高兴,欢喜.其用法有3种:1. 后带介词短语,如 I am glad about his new job. 我为他的新工作感到高兴.2. 后带动词不定式,如 I'll be glad to do you a favour. 我愿意为你效劳.注意,如动词不定式不是

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