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Also,too,EithEr和As wEll的用法区别

1) too放在句子末尾,通常用逗号隔开.e.g: I am a student, too.我也是一名学生.2)either在否定句中使用,但是放在句子末尾,通常用逗号隔开.e.g: Lucy doesn't go to the party, either.露西也没有去参加派对.3) also则放在系动词be之后,实

四者均可表示“也”,区别如下: (1) too 和 as well 多用于口语中,语气较轻,通常用于肯定句或疑问句,一般不用于否定句,且通常放在句末.如: i like you too [as well]. 我也喜欢你. are they coming too [as well]? 他们也来吗? 在 me too

also, too 和 either also表示"也"是比较正式的用词, too 是普通用词,口语中用的多,使用时 应注意: also 一般用于句子中,其位置在行为动词之前,动词to be之后.如有 助动词或情态动词,一般应在助动词或情态动词后,为了强调,也

also,too,either 与 as well 的用法区别 这四个词均可表示“也”,其区别如下:1.too 和 as well 多用于口语中,语气较轻,通常用于肯定句或疑问句,一般不用于否定句,且通常放在句末.如:I like you too [as well].我也喜欢你.Are they coming too

too, "也、还",副词,用于肯定句中,位于句尾. They are coming tomorrow and I hope you will come too.他们明天要来, 我希望你也来. either, “也”,副词,用于否定句中,位于句尾. He won't go and I won't go either.他不去, 我也不

also放在句子中间,too放在句末,either否定句中 as well as句中句末都可

also用语句中.I also like English.too 用于句末.I like English,too.either只用于否定句.I don't like English, well(as)用于肯定句的句末.I like English as well.I like Englishas well as math.=I like English,and I like math as well. 一、as well 用法


also 放在句中 He is also playing table tennis now. too 放在句末,有逗号隔开 She is a student,too. either 用于否定句,且在句末,有逗号隔开 I don't like play basketball,either. as well 用于肯定句,一般用于句末 He likes walking as well.

too也(用于肯定句句尾,一般之前用逗号隔开)I think so,too.also还(置于主语后)I also want to drink.(动词前)I'm also thirsty.(be动词后)either同too,但用于否定与疑问句I don't think so, well用于句尾,作为词组,不同于as well as(与……一样好;和),这as well是“也\还是”的意思I might as well want this CD.That shirt is clean,as well.

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