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怎么两个都是宾语从句?我猜有一个是状语从句.If引导的条件状语丛句:1、 If it rains tomorrow,we'll stay at home.2、 If you use your head,you'll find a way.3、 If you don't hurry up,you'll miss the tra

I wonder if … I would appreciate it if …

I'm wondering if he wants me to go to the theatre with him.He said that he would like to go to the theatre with me.

that引导的从句表示陈述; whether引导的从句表示是否,when ,where ,that一般接在一个动词后面, 不充当句子成分,宾语从句后是陈述句用 that 连接 ,whom等.who ,宾语从句也是一个完整的句子,例如:I don't know wherther/ if she loves

what will happen if they watch some violeoes at the party.

if 要么引导宾语从句 要么引导状语从句 不引导定语从句 条件状从 如果 if he comes,please let me know if i am wrong ,i will correct myself if there is no war,the world will be peacefull forever 宾语从句 是否 i don't know if he will come

【that引导】John said that he was leaving for China on Wednesday.约翰说他星期三要去中国.【whether/if引导】I wonder if / whether I can go with you.我想知道我能不能和你一起去.【what引导】I want to know what book you like to read.我想知道你喜欢读什么书.【which引导】I don't know which dress you want to buy.我不知道你要买哪条裙子.

I found that if you can make up your mind to keep it a secret , then you can become my close friend.

1. i wonder if it doesn't rain.2. please let me know whether you want to go.3. i don't know whether/if the report is true or not.4. it depends on whether we have enough time.5. whether he will come i am not sure.

i wonder if he will come.i don't think that he will come.

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