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一 、开头万能公式: 1.开头万能公式一:名人名言 原理:我们看到的东西很多都是创造出来的,包括我们欣赏的文章也是,所以尽管编,但是一定要听起来很有道理. 经典句型:A proverb says, “ You are only young once.” (适用于已记住

1、 常用与开头的短语、句式 (1) with the (rapidly)growing popularity of (computers/private cars) in China,the quality of our lives has been considerably changed. (2) With the (rapid)growth of (our economy/population),many problems such as (

一般的四六集作文都是以论文,就可以借用 Recently / Nowadays xxx becomes a very heated topic.Some hold that it is good for (students/ our country等),while others take the opposite position.Ithink that it has its advantages and disadvantades

高中英语作文常用句型 一、根据衔接词本身在文章中起到的作用,主要分为以下四类,即“起”、“承”、“转”、“合”. (一)表示“起”的词/词组:用于开篇引出扩展句. at first 最初 for one thing…(for another) at present 现在;当今

英语作文中最常用到的句子 一、用于驳性和比较性论文 1. In general, I don't agree with 2. In my opinion, this point of view doesn't hold water. 3. The chief reason why… is that… 4.There is no true that… 5. It is not true that… 6. It can be easily

Hello, David ! I have heard that you are looking for a friend in Beijing . I am writing to tell you that I would like to be your friend. I am ninety years old and will finish school this summer. So I can be your tour guide if you like to visit Beijing .There are

高考英语作文常用写作句式句型汇总一.开头用语:良好的开端等于成功的一半.在写作文时,通常以最简单也最常用的方式---开门见山法.也就是说, 直截了当地提出你对这个问题的看法或要求,点出文章的中心思想. 1.议论论文: A. Just as

你看看下面的,其中就包含了怎么结尾 四级写作常见句型 用于句首提出论题或现象的句型 ①Recently , …has become the focus of the society . ②…has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life . ③Nowadays there is a

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