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i have a plan for this the morning i am going to do some reading.then i am going to watch tv for half an hour.i am going to do my homework after watching tv.i am going to the bookstore after lunch.i am going to buy some books.then i'll go to

Schedule 你好朋友,这就是日程安排表的英文意思 希望能够帮到你,祝你生活愉快


行程表的英文:hodometer参考例句:We will need to allow for travel time in the schedule.我们必须考虑到行程表中的旅游时间.A whiz-bang schedule快而精彩的行程表(进度表)I left the schedule at home. I have to turn back to pick it up.我把行程



翻译如下:请别人确认行程please confirm the itinerary

scheduling ['edju:l] n. 行程安排,时序安排;排时间表例句:1、这次的行程安排是广州、武汉、沈阳和北京,真希望能尽快见到你们. I will go to Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang and Beijing and hope to see you all! 2、上午的行程安排有点

行程安排的S发音的单词是scheduling.词汇分析 音标:[skdl] 释义:n. 时序安排,行程安排 v. 把…列入计划;为…制定时间表(schedule的现在分词) 短语 scheduling problem 排定问题 scheduling algorithm [计]调度算法

你可以这么写schedule in XXXX xxxx写国家名 去哪国写哪国

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