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其实就算你心里没有我,但是你在我心里依然是最优秀 英文翻译

In fact, even if you do not mind me, you are still the best in my heart.其实就算你心里没有我,但是你在我心里依然是最优秀

iam not in your heart any more,but you still in my heart.

in fact you don't have me in your mind, but that doesn't mean I don't love you and have you in my mind, I would wait for you. 人手翻译,非软件.望采纳.

You do not have me in the heart, I have you in the heart but.

你好!其实你心里没有我,但是不代表我心没有你我愿意等你 翻译成英语 急用打字不易,采纳哦!

Even if I am not at your side, I still love you

翻译如下:Your heart is still not me.(可能有错误,请谅解)

我知道我已经不再是你重要的人,我知道你的心里已经没有我了,我想告诉你的是你依然还是我的I know I'm not your important person,I know you have no heart to me,I want to tell you is you still me.

you still in my heart ! i still love you! until forever!!

quot;give you those commitments is I now efforts of the power, even if I do not say, I still love you.&quot, in my heart, that position still belong to you

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