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该背景音乐是《Moves Like Jagger》歌手: Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera所属专辑:《Overexposed》歌词:Just shoot for the stars,if it feels right射下星星,如果它让你感觉还不错And aim for my heart,if you feel like如果你喜欢,可以摘取我的心


一共三首歌,确定你想要的事第一首歌.1.Pixie lott 的歌曲,歌曲名:kiss the stars 来自专辑:《Young Foolish Happy》 歌词是: Baby baby we're on the rocket, Venus and Mars now, can't be apart now 宝贝宝贝我们在火箭,金星和火星现在

有三首吧,Jessie的domino,you da one和LadyGaga的marry the night .

是这首吧 Blow Me (One Last Kiss)- P!NK

Mariah Carey唱的Hero Hero 歌手:Mariah Carey 专辑:Grammy1995 There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid Of what you are There's an

You Da One - Rihanna

Jessie的domino,you da one和LadyGaga的marry the nightDanza Kuduro,kiss the star ,love the way you lie,moves like jaggerThe Game Of Love,Fighter Fighter,go to sleep

1.New low 3.Let's go 4.One day 百事通里经常放这几首歌,你听听是哪一首.个人感觉你找的是one day.

moves like jagger 要的就是它吧! 超赞的

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