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generally; approximately; somewhere; perhaps; maybe

1.probable 2....or so 3.about...

general idea

mainly primarily principally chiefly prevailingly mostly

What are you want to do?

要么: [ yào me ] 1. (conj) either X or Y (used when given a choice between two things) 例句与用法: 1. 要么进来,要么出去。 Either come in or go out. 2. 迪克要么刻苦学习,要么根本不学,从不走中间路线。 Dick either studies very h...

It's about one o'clock 大约一点钟 希望对你有帮助!

How much do you need? 及 How many do you need? 都可以,视乎所指的东西是可数还是不可数的,可数的用How many, 不可数用How much。 This is the lowest price. It can't be lower any more.

你好,一共有3个词可表达这个意思~_~ need,want,require。词组也有很多,in need of… ,call for …可以看情况选用~_~ 比如:I need some water. I want some water. I am in need of some water. 祝你好运~_~

楼上那个到底会不会英语 I want to use English.

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